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  VANGOSEDUN is one of the leading enterprises founded in China, providing service since 1998. VANGOSEDUN has been aiding in the manufacturing of the state of the art plastic and metallic parts through its futuristic CNC machines.

  Computer numerical control machining also known as CNC machining, deals with the processes used in manufacturing parts that involve a computer-based platform to control the machining tools. In-depth, CNC machining allows gaining control over lathes, mills, routers, and grinders. CNC machines vary from the average PC despite looking alike on the surface, due to its unique software and up to the minute controlling consoles.

  Providing superior performance thanks to G-Code; CNC machining functions with numerical controlling, making it more effective while designing a computer program, that can be customized for a particular object to enhance its feed rate, speed, and location.
CNC machining provides control over the velocity and positioning via a computer, in order to perform the task at hand a CAD drawing is fed into the system, consisting of either two or three dimensions, with the help of G-code an understandable program is written, loaded and the machine is set to work, under the watchful eye of an operator to ensure optimal quality. Making the right product, at the right time, every time!

  CNC machining beats the old methodology of manual machining by precision, quality, and quantity. Providing with the same flawless results despite the number of products being manufactured, also replicating immensely complex models up to the last details! A rare trait that cannot be accomplished with the use of manual machines.

  Flexibility is one of the CNC machines and CNC cutters main advantage over the traditional methods. CNC routers are a computer controlled device that cuts different materials as per the demands and requirements stated in the instructions provided by the program, Computer numerical control plasma (CNC plasma) & CNC laser falling under the same category. Programmable automation controls the operations of the machine, that is directed by the symbols, letters, and numbers being fed into the program, in other words, numerical control prevails as the machine is operated by a set of fixed instructions. Numerical control, being the center of attention, directs the further behavior of the program, dictating each number from the basic program to perform different types of jobs. As the structure of the job changes, the structure of the program adapts accordingly, new instructions can be written into the program to get the desired results, hence making it flexible.

  24 hours of operations without monitoring makes CNC machines the most effective product on the market, the machines function nonstop and without supervision as long as the program is written as per one’s needs. The accuracy provided by the machines is truly unquestionable, as near zero to zero are the odds of the machine creating an outcome that is flawed.

  The use of Computer numerical control machining provides an advantage over the use of manual machining alongside with providing companies and businesses with competitive advantages. Computer numerical control machining eliminates the chances of human error, making the work environment more efficient and professional, less monitoring makes the use of Computer numerical control machining (CNC Machining) more time effective, turning it into a trump card for any business entity to possess in order to further progress itself in the consumer market. Computer numerical control machining eliminates the need for a person to be operating the machine to ensure outcomes and hence results in cutting labor costs for the business entity, making it a cheap and cost-effective method for companies to better invest their finance and use their manpower in more productive aspects for the betterment of the company.

  VANGOSEDUN CNC machines, using the numerical control machining technology, progress in the field of wide operations such as drafting, inspection, metalworking, assembling, etc. extending its ray of use beyond the normal capacity of an ordinary manual machine. However, it is more widely used in various aspects of metal machining, including variables such as CNC drilling, CNC mining, turning, shaping, etc. Computer numerical control machining aid in the process of mass production, making bulk production as efficient as it can be, this qualifies CNC machines to be the top contender in being the most cost-effective investment with minimum to no drawbacks.

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