How to Maintain CNC Router

  CNC Router is commonly seen in the working station that sells product wood with an excellent edge such as in a doorframe. It is a computer-operated material made to cut hard materials such as woods, aluminum, steels, plastic, and other hard materials. CNC is an acronym for computer numerical control. You can often see CNC Router in the carpentry industry because they can play many roles that other manual materials can do.


  With the frequent use and not properly taking care of CNC Router cannot work that well. That is the reason why you need to do proper maintenance of CNC Router. If you are looking for the best tips in maintaining the health of your CNC Router, here are the most effective maintenance tips that you should follow.

  • Clean CNC Router regularly

  As much as possible you clean the machine regularly even you use it or not. Cleaning the machine will give more efficiency for the machine to work longer than the average. Make sure to free all the dust made in the operation to prevent damage to the machine blade.

  • Oil the transmission shaft location

  After cleaning the CNC Router, oil the spot that vital in the work CNC Router do. Clean first the part that you will go to oil and wipe it with dry clothes so grease will not produce. Use fuel or other chemicals in oiling the CNC Router. If in case that you stop to use CNC Router, you must regularly oil the product.

  • Store in an ideal oil temperature

  Make sure that the room temperature is exact and will not harm CNC Router. Check if the minimum temperature observed every now and then.

  • Change the cooling water

  You may not know what the purpose of water is if you are not using CNC Router or you are not in the industry of carpentry. The use of water is to generate the heat of the motor for better service. If the oil is not clean, there is a chance that CNC Router can lead to damage and you cannot use it. The amount of water must not decrease by the actual so that the motor can generate too much heat when you are using CNC Router.

  • Maintain the state of the computer that gives command to the CNC Router

  Do a regular scanning to the software and hardware of the computer where CNC Router is connected. As much as possible the hard drive must be defragmented and optimize the system for best performance of the computer. Include also that you have a powerful antivirus that will protect the computer.

  In maintaining the health condition of your CNC Router, you must remember that it must do regular and after every work so that it cannot be damage in the wrong handling. The cause of CNC Router unit is quite expensive; however, it does so many things that make things look grand and elegant. Just as when you want to have a wooden door with the architectural design you see in the Victorian time, CNC Router is the best and fast performing tool.