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  A CNC router is an abbreviation for a Computer Numerically Controlled router. A CNC router is a kind of machine that is utilized in the manufacturing industry, mainly for cutting materials such as wood, plastics, and metals. A router is special given that it is controlled by a software as opposed to mechanically by an individual.


CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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CNC Router, CNC Wood Router

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The History of CNC Router

  Numerical Control was first developed in the late 1940’s and the early 1950’s by John T. Parsons along with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was built to assist in the post war manufacturing effort. From there, aircraft parts were becoming more complicated and needed a level of accuracy, which human operators couldn’t achieve.

  At the beginning, machines were hard-wired, and soon instructions were provided through the punched tape in 1952. After five years, NC machines were being set up in metal working production settings all over the US. In the middle of 1960s, the NC technology was serving a dominant role across the industry.

  In 1980, the majority of machine programs were stored on an aluminum tape or punched paper. From the 1970s to 1980s, the development of microprocessor technology has made it possible for a computer to be linked to NC machines with the help of cables, which leads to the term CNC.

  Basically, numerical control is a method for controlling machines instead of a particular kind of machine. CNC machines were built for a machining metal. They were adapted for other industries like plastics, foam, fabric, and wood just to name a few. All of those machines have featured in common that includes machine tool, controller, program (instructions).

  On the other hand, wood routers are different from their metalworking cousins because they aren’t subjected to the same forces of vibration and load. Furthermore, they spin a lot faster, around 24000 rpm and have bigger work tables; around 5’x20. Another difference is that they don’t need the same level of precision. Metalworking applications normally need much greater accuracy and tighter tolerances compared to machining wood.

  In 1968, Mr. Isao Shoda states to have created the very first NC router in the globe and he displayed it the International Osaka Fair. Moreover, in the beginning of 1970s, the rise of the first CNC showed in the aerospace industry. In the late of 1970s, NC drilling machines were the very first to show in the wood industry. CNC routers were utilized by the aerospace industry to cut complicated patterns out of pieces of aluminum. Boling the aluminum sheet to its table surface was a long process.

  In the early 1980s, the expert engineers at Thermwood came up with the concept to draw air via the big butcher blocks created of Balsa wood. Given that Balsa woods enables air to pass freely through the end grain, they were able to add a high flow vacuum to grasp the aluminum sheets down devoid of the help of a mechanical fastener.

  Nowadays, CNC machines are an omnipresent part of the entire manufacturing process. Improved performance and new functionality are being established each day that will offer CNC an ever increasing responsibility for the success of the industry.

Types of CNC Router

  Speciality CNC Routers – This type of CNC routers has many specialty types, which includes 3D engraving machines, engraving machines, CNC routers made to carve granite, PCB routers and more. CNC engraving is very sought after. Such machines perform everything from tags, plaques to trophies. Such machines are quite smaller and normally have a working area of around 12 x 12 inches. Yet, they work on the same principles as a CNC router.

  Multi Axis CNC Routers – Every CNC routers include 3 axes and might cut in three dimensions. Nevertheless, some applications might need more flexibility. This is why 4 and 5 axis CNC woodworking routers include 4 and 5 axis woodworking routers come into the picture. In case you don’t know yet, a 4 axis CNC router normally means that either the spindle head might rotate in one extra plan or that a turn table of types is connected to the cutting bed. Meanwhile, the 5 axis CNC router denotes that the spindle could rotate in two extra planes. Both 4 and 5 axis CNC routers provide the capability to cut a 3D part. A conventional 3 axis machine is constrained as to the depth in specific dimensions.

  Industrial CNC Routers – This type of CNC routers is a general class. This makes up about 80% of the CNC routers in circulation. Most woodworking corporations have several of these machines to generate the bulk of their productions like signs, doors, furniture and more. Such machines are normally the biggest in size and most costly as well.

  Hobby CNC Routers – Did you know that hobby CNC routers are normally referring to the homemade CNC router? Such machines are normally built and designed by the owner. You will find many plans, which may be downloaded or purchased. Such designs are as unique as the individual building or designing them. Every machine is different and it’s normally made with the budget, and parts available. There are lots of homemade CNC woodworking routers available out there, which rival the industrial types.

CNC Router Application Areas

  The different types of CNC Router have their own features and specification that you can apply the material. In general, you can use CNC Router to engrave a design you formulate in the computer software to direct the activity of the router. The type of router in the market can be applied to woods, steels, aluminum, hard material, plastic, and foams. They vary in the capacity of the CNC Router products you have on your workstation. If you have the knowledge where CNC Router can apply, here are more of the application router is compatible.

  1. Metal Fabrication: You can use CNC Router to perform exact measurement of metals such as the one used in gear. By designing the right look in the software of the computer, you can come up with the standard and a more productive way in metal fabrication.

  2. Metal and aluminum composite cladding: There are types of CNC Router made for specific work in machinery and composite. This kind of CNC Router commonly used in making the frame of windows and made from pure steel or aluminum.

  3. Sign making: You can see in the street the sign made of metal and aluminum. You may wonder how they made it so perfect, the reason, or the tool that they use is CNC Router. With the simple application and design making in the software for the machine, you can come up with the best and attractive design for your establishment.

  4. Solid surface: Creating a design to a solid surface made possible and easy with the aid of CNC Router with specific features. It can easily make a versatile look no matter how hard the surface is. CNC Router that has the capacity to cut hard surface allows you to cut the size, chamfer, rout, v-groove, rabbet, carve, pocket, and dado material.

  5. General woodworking: CNC Router is applicable to use in all types of wood you are working with. With the aid of the machine, you can do more job and be more productive. You can see the design in the doors that have many designs and carvings. You can do all the designs you wish to have in the wood.

  6. Cabinetry: Customization is easier when you use CNC Router for the weaving of your cabinet. It can do all the styling and the proper edging to make your kitchen cabinet have the look and style. It is so easy to get the desired looks of your cabinet and that is why CNC Router is more useful today.

  7. Print and graphic finishing: With the improvement of graphics in the present times, there is a big change to the thickness of the material used. CNC Router used to cut hard board used in printing that has the exact measurement for all the design you wish to cut.

  8. Plastic Fabrication: CNC Router can be used in manufacturing plastic to have the smooth edge and perfect looks aftermath. Using CNC Router will give you high performing and ensure that the edge of the plastic is perfect.

  CNC Router can be applied to different materials. With the different types of CNC Router, there is also a different area that you can use CNC Router. You just need to know the compatibility of the CNC Router so you can use it effectively.

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  When you have been using a traditional tool, it is a more excellent and innovative solution you can ever have. It can cut a broad range of materials, from wood to aluminum, without a burden.

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